Rico the clown, magician and comical nerd


















MAGIC- Rico performs a combination of close-up,parlor, and stage magic. He is versatile in various sleight of hand techniques: vanishes, reproductions, flourishes, transformations, penetration, and restorations. In addition, his routines use everyday objects such as coins,cards,cups and balls, silks,ropes, rings,etc.

BALLOON SCULPTING- Rico twists long thin pencil balloons into hundreds of different animals,hats,costumes, flowers, fruit baskets, etc. This unique and innovative art taps into creative and unique ways of entertaining children. Rico also has an extensive repertoire of sentimental balloons that astound kids and adults of all ages. In addition, balloon workshops are offered to those that are truly interested in balloon decoration.

FACE PAINTING - This creative art allows children to select a design that is painted on their face or hands.Water colors and non-toxic paints are used to produce these designs. Children have various choices to select from: animals, flowers, fish,fruit,etc.

CLOWN COMEDY - This type of comedy includes a combination of gags, slapstick, mime, humor, and off-the-wall stunts. The audience is caught off guard with unpredictable feats, embarrassing moments, and wild laughter. The audience becomes the center of attention and full participation is shared. Music, dance, mime, and puppets are coordinated into the routines.

COMIC ROASTING -Rico's wild and zany personality and interactive style entertains his audience with a diversified repertoire of humor: ethnic, religious, political, social,cultural,etc. All shows are analyzed and adapted to meet the needs and interests of the particular occasion and audience.His range of humor extends from light-spirited to risque.He is a master of blending humor and serious message intent to warm hearts, raise spirits, and produce laughs.

GAMES -Original games, contests, and team efforts are used to create fun, excitement, and challenge. Prizes are given to winners of these events.

PUPPETS -Interactive and comedy routines are available for toddlers.




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